. Sales agreement
(A) The terms and conditions are intended to define the terms of delivery of the goods and / or services listed on the order form located on the front to the exclusion of any other document (other than partnership or agency agreement, see item 13).
(B) Consumers in the sense of the terms and conditions can be individuals or companies who act in carrying on a trade or independent professional activity called corporations. Individuals as well as corporations are named customer in the sense of the terms and conditions.
(C) With the ordering of goods, the customer declares to compulsorily acquire the goods ordered. The order confirmation serves acceptance; it is sent by the seller within two weeks, postmarked authentic.
(D) If a consumer orders the goods electronically, the seller immediately confirm acceptance of the order in return. The terms and conditions can be sent on request electronically.

2. Rates
(A) All prices are quoted ex works Brussels
(B) Unless otherwise agreed, in writing by the seller, the prices stipulated in the sale catalog are in effect at the time of delivery.
(C) All prices quoted are subject to printing errors.
(D) The prices specified do not include transport and shipping.

(E) prices are excluding VAT.

3. Shipping
(A) All deliveries to a corporation are calculated starting BruxellesIl plant is the responsibility of the customer to arrange transportation equipment and to bear the costs and risks.
(B) If a corporation wants the goods to be shipped him installed or turned on; regardless of whether, if the expedition is organized by the seller and if it bears the costs; then the risks associated with this expedition are the responsibility of the latter. The expeditions organized by the seller does not include any insurance. The corporation considers herself if necessary, the procurement and merchandise in transit or not.
(C) If the customer is an individual, the existing danger or drop any breakages is supported by the vendor. The customer will however point out a possible dispute the receipt carrier, and a reservation clause for the delivery. shipping costs are calculated according to the current scale.
(D) If the customer does not remove, within the specified time, the goods, it is not clear which refuses subsequent period that is proposed, then the seller
may withdraw from the contract or demand damages for breach of contract of sale.
(E) The seller is not obliged to take back packaging materials.

4. Delivery
(A) All the stipulated time are indicative.
(B) Any order change can influence the delivery time.
(C) If the seller can not meet the agreed delivery time, it will inform the customer of a new appropriate period. If the seller until the expiry of the new deadline, does not deliver the goods, the customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract.
(D) No compensation may be claimed in case of late delivery.

5. Faculty of withdrawal for distance sales
(A) Pursuant to Article L121-20 of the Consumer Code in the context of distance selling, the consumer has a period of seven days from the delivery of his order to return product to the seller for exchange or refund, without penalty except for return shipping costs.
(B) The consumer must always return the goods in their original packaging, complete, not used, in perfect condition and accompanied by any documentation.
(C) The right of withdrawal is not valid for the machines which are manufactured to customer specifications. The special production of a machine is under-heard once the delivered product is not stipulated as a standard product in the sales catalog.

6. Force majeure
The parties are not held liable or deemed to have breached these terms of sale for any delay or failure when the cause of the delay or failure was due to a force majeure as defined by case law.

7. Payment
(A) Subject to a specific clause, confirmed in writing by the seller, invoices are payable at the latest within 10 days from date of invoice authentic.
(B) The receipt of funds on behalf of the seller as a reference for the punctuality of payment.
(C) If the customer must pay, full or partial, of several old bills, the seller can then determine that the oldest invoice will first consideration for any payment.
(D) expressly agreed and unless postponement requested in time and granted by the seller, payment default by the deadline will result in the payment of all outstanding sums, regardless of the payment method provided and application of penalty clause, an allowance equal to 15% of the amounts due, and the application of default interest to the seller calculated on the basis of the legal interest rate (3.29% for 2003) plus 5 points.

8. Warranty
(A) The guarantee applies to normal use of the equipment. This means that any user who does not respect the instructions and limits of use provided at the time of delivery can not give rise to the application of the guarantee.
(B) In case of non-delivery, the customer is obliged to perform under a period of 10 days after receipt of material, a claim in writing to the seller. If this is not done, the delivery is accused complies and the customer will have no means of recourse.
(C) equipment failed under warranty, will be the subject of a study from the seller. The seller will decide if the Equipment damaged to be changed or improved system will be performed. Rights to damages are excluded.
(D) The warranty period begins the day of delivery of the goods.
The material is guaranteed as such:
· One year for a corporation or professinelle use
· Two years for an individual
(E) The conformity of the equipment delivered is unique to the sales contract made between the two parties and not on various advertising materials, ...

9. Liability
The responsibility of Representatives (sales agents ...), persons acting as agent and members of the legal business of the seller to the customer is excluded except in cases of resolution and gross negligence.

10. Reservation
(A) The objects of this property sales contract remain the property of the seller until full payment.
As such, the customer agrees before full payment of the amounts due to the seller:
· Not to sell to a third party
· Not change or degrade
(B) In the case of non-compliance from the point 1-d, customer specific obligations levendeur has the right to withdraw from the contract.

11. termination
In case of non-payment of all or part of the price by the customer, the vendor may after a formal notice remains without effect for one month, or refuse to deliver (s) offer (s) listed on the order, or, if delivery has already been performed, conduct recovery / of such property.
All costs of this procedure will be to the customer, including where applicable, the costs of rehabilitation equipment if it for damage suffered.

12. Jurisdiction
(A) These terms are subject to French law.
(B) Any dispute between professional bound by these Terms of Sale shall be the responsibility of the Commercial Court of Valencia (26).

13. Miscellaneous
As soon as a partnership contract or representation is in effect, then the conditions described in this last act of general conditions of sale.

Goederen of blijven ons eigendom tot betaling volledige. Eleven koopwaar wordt op verzonden risiko van bestemmeling. De plaats van betaling is Brussel. In geval van zijn alleen betwisting of Reschtbanken van Brussel of Vrederechter of Gerechtskanton van het van Vorst bevoegd. Op of vervaldag onbetaalde fakturen onderworpen zijn aan een van interestverhoging 12%. Gebrek bij aan betaling binnen 10 dagen na ingebrekestelling, het zal worden met bedrag verhoogd lump van een vergoeding 15% interest in schadeloosstelling voor een van puts minimum € 25. Om in te worden aanmerking genomen, ingredient elke klacht alleen per aangetekende brief binnen 8 dagen na levering van bij ons goederen ingediend te worden.

The goods remain our property until full payment. The goods travel at the risk of the recipients. Our invoices are always payable in Brussels. In case of dispute, only the Courts of Brussels or the Forest of Canton Justice of the Peace is competent. Unpaid bills at maturity, are automatically subject to a 12% interest. In default of payment within 10 days of any notice, the amount is conventionally plus a lump sum of 15% as damages and interest with a minimum of € 25. No claims will be accepted if it is not made by registered letter within 8 days of delivery of the goods.

If payment at maturity we are allowed to take the goods without judicial interference


Contracted deadlines exist only. In any case the client can claim compensation due to slowdown in the delivery or performance of the order or terminate the contract. The delivery period begins on the day the deposit was received.


All new machines are guaranteed 12 months, labor and parts included.

We can grant you a guarantee of 12 additional months if you do a complete maintenance of your machines before the end of the 12 months warranty.

Our used equipment are guaranteed 6 months

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